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Magic Back Support Stretcher Lower Relief Lumbar Back Massager Posture Corrector - Black + Green

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Magic Back Support Stretcher Lower Relief Lumbar Back Massager Posture Corrector - Black + Green.

Fits for people of all ages people aiming at stretching the entire back, especially for those who sitting all day in front of the computer with little exercise.
Lying on back stretcher, gravity allows the front of body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards. Then, the surrounding muscles begin to relax, gently decompressing the vertebrae discs and realigning the spine.

1. A convenient at-home back treatment and preventative care product for people of all ages.
2. Tough and thick hi-tech ABS plastic for long durability.
3. Unique design according to human body's physiological curve of the spine.
4. Multi-level adjustments: 3 different height level stretching arch, choose the suitable level for your body and exercise your back in a healthy way.
5. Greatly help to relieve chronic back and correct postural imbalance, restore the natural curvature and improve flexibility in shoulder and back muscles.
6. Use as daily traction therapy: thumb tip nodes on product surface like massage, stimulate the back points and promote blood circulation.
7. Simple and easy to install and use, lightweight and portable to use in travel, at home or office.

1. Material: ABS Plastic + Sponge
2. Height from Ground: Adjustable 5.5cm/8.5cm/10.5cm
3. Color: Blac+Green/Black+Purple/Black+Blue
4. Package weight: 688g
5. Package: PP Package

- Comes in separate parts. Requiring to assemble.
- Please start stretching slowly to prevent muscles excessive pain.
- Please stop using it if you feel uncomfortable and consult your doctor.

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