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Yoga Cushion Acupressure Massage Mat Relief Muscle Back Neck with Pillow Travel Bag - Black

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Yoga Cushion Acupressure Massage Mat Relief Therapy Muscle Back Neck with Pillow Travel Bag - Black.

Product Feature:
- Helps Improve Blood Circulation: Acupressure mats are a great way to improve blood circulation, to help you recover faster and be ready for your next workout.
- Acupressure mats can help relieve muscle tension and stress.
- Our acupressure mat can also be used to stand on to relieve tired feet. The included pillow also helps improve blood stimulation around your neck and head.
- Acupressure mat can help release muscle tension, helps loosen fascia, thereby improving mobility and flexibility.
- Simply use for 10-15 minutes a day to begin with to ease muscles. Simply laying on the acupressure mat for 10 - 15 mins a day can help encourage relaxation in the muscles and mind.
- If you are just starting out with acupressure mat, wear a t-shirt to reduce the intensity until you are more used the mat.
- Ideal for recovering from workout and sports activities and can also help refresh and rejuvenate muscle tension from sitting long hours at the office.
- Portable: Includes a portable carry bag, allowing you to easily carry the acupressure mat or store neatly when not in use.

Please remember remove the foam core prior to wash. Hand wash only with mild detergent, do not use bleach or softeners.

1. Material: Foam Core + Cotton + PS(Polystyrene)
2. Mat Dimension: 67cm x 42cm x 2cm
3. Pillow Dimension: 39cm x 15cm x 10cm
4. Colour: Purple/Black
5. Package weight: 636g
6. Volume weight: 4.55kg
7. Package: Retail package( picture for reference only)

Package Includes:
1 x Mat
1 x Pillow

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